Rachael & Bread presents:


Rachael & Bread is opening soon as Water Tank Bakery! Thank you for your patience as we transition to our permanent home.


The Story:

After 15 years of baking in professional and home-based environments, Rachel Sobczak started Rachael & Bread June 2020. The unusual set of business and economic conditions presented by the global pandemic provided uniquely favorable conditions to meet a growing need in her community for delicious, healthy, and comfortable foods. Food that can be enjoyed at home with loved ones. A community school offered the rental of a commercial kitchen that was empty due to restrictions on gatherings. Over the next six months, Ms. Sobczak’s bread Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and impromptu pop-up sales expanded and gained popularity throughout La Conner and the greater Skagit Valley. With the momentum of community support, revenues earned from the first year’s work, and a business model that can be well-sustained both during and beyond the pandemic, Ms. Sobczak is now taking a leap and moving into a permanent space on Water Tank Rd. She continues to use the same recipes and baking methods, with the welcome ability to produce a whole lot more. 


The Food:

Water Tank Bakery creates wholesome bread, pizza, cookies, and more. Bread is the cornerstone of the bakery’s offerings, making bread the slow way with long fermentation, sourdough levain, and locally sourced ingredients.  This slow process ensures the development of maximum flavor complexity, consistency, and an amazing eating experience.

The other product lines—pizza, cookies, and new items—are all designed with the same degree of care and detail as the beloved breads, and with similarly high-quality ingredients.

All products are baked exclusively with NW grown grains, milled at Cairnspring Mills (right next door on Water Tank Road). These flours are stone ground and used fresh in order to retain much of the wheat's natural oils, fats, and vitamins. By taking advantage of produce and other ingredients available from local hard-working farmers and millers, Water Tank Bakery creates food that tastes of the unique abundance of the Skagit Valley. 

The Baker

Rachael Grace Sobczak is founder, owner and head baker of Water Tank Bakery. This business is a natural extension and expansion of her vision and talents. In 2007, after graduating from The Evergreen State College, she moved to the Skagit Valley and joined Scott Mangold and Renee Bourgault at The Breadfarm (in Edison Washington) for a ten-year immersion in professional, artisanal baking.


Rachael grew up in central Wisconsin on a river of the same name, in an old farmhouse surrounded by forests. Learning to cook and bake was an outgrowth of her wide-ranging taste for adventure, food and gardening even as a child. These interests flourished when she found home in the Skagit Valley, where she could meet growers, purchase from farm stands and the local flour mill. Rachael's partner Frank shares her love for growing food, cooking it well and making the most of family life. 


In 2017 she began graduate work for a degree as a Dietician, an area where she sees potential for transformation. While pursuing her studies she volunteered, coordinating a school garden program at her son’s elementary school. She wholeheartedly led an after-school Garden Club and taught cooking classes for kiddos. Like many other people, her path was abruptly changed by the Covid19 pandemic. Going back to her roots, she started a small baking business, Rachael & Bread, all the while making sure homework was done and kid fun continued. Her 10-year-old son is in charge of crouton production.


“You rarely bake for yourself. You bake to share. It’s an act of generosity. It’s an act of love.” ~Dorie Greenspan