Rachael & Bread presents:

Important Updates!



I am so excited to say that Water Tank Bakery will be opening soon! I am getting inspected and (hopefully) permitted by WSDA this coming Friday. If all goes well, production will start Monday the 21st. I will be sure to let you know when you can start placing online orders and where my products will be available to purchase.

I have been busy doing test baking and reaching out to potential wholesale customers. Here are some photos of the exciting arrival of my American Baking System 80-T spiral mixer.

It is wonderful to be able to use such high quality locally milled flour in my products. Thank you Cairnspring Mills! I have been profoundly supported by the community and I can't wait to be able to sell bread and cookies again.


p.s. I am still looking to fulfill a couple of full-time baking positions. If you are interested (or know someone who is) please email me at rachaelandbread@gmail.com.



Happy Mother's Day Weekend! It is about time I send out an update about Water Tank Bakery. I really miss seeing all of you at the LaConner Friday pick-up and I'm sure you are wondering when you can buy bread again. So here are a few happenings and photos:

*The eletrical system is all finished and has passed inspection.

* The oven is up and running, except the vent fan is not turning on and will require some troubleshooting.

*The spiral mixer I purchased is having quite a journey. It was held up in customs in California for 24 days, had to be railed to Chicago, then Iowa, then it will be trucked to the bakery. I should be getting it hopefully in the next couple of weeks. It has the capacity to mix 166lbs. of dough at a time.

* My partner Frank built a beautiful custom walk-in refrigeration unit. I never knew a walk-in could make me so happy!

* I have a working 3-basin sink.

*Last week, I spent two days driving a scissor lift around the bakery and cleaning all of the ceiling support beams and light fixtures.

*This week, I submitted the WSDA Food Processors License Application.

* I am now in the process of cleaning all other baking equipment and setting up the production space. This part is really fun!

Next steps will be test baking and hiring/training employees. My facility will be inspected and liscenced in anywhere from 2-6 weeks. That being said, I am not exactly sure when I will be opening. Let's hope for June 15th at the latest. This has been an enormous project and I am learning lots of new skills; patience being one of them!

Thank you and be well!





Happy Spring!

I will be accepting online preorders until midnight tonight for this Friday and Saturday pickups. This will be the last pickup before I start production at Water Tank Bakery, so you might want to stock up. The bread freezes beautifully. I will be shutting down production for the Month of April and possibly into May. The goal is to be open by June 1st and I will be sending out updates along the way to keep you in the loop.

Construction at the new space (11777 Water Tank Rd. Unit C.) is moving along. We are currently in the process of installing electrical and building the walk-in refridgeration. The next steps will be puttting in the sinks, work benches, water meter and a big mixer. Then we can apply for a WSDA Food Processors Permit. Thank you for sticking with me though this exciting process.

I am partnering with Garden Path Fermentation and providing providing a Za'attar Spiced Savory Whole Wheat Shortbread Cookie to accompany their beer for the Farm to Pint fundraiser for Viva Farms. More information can be foud athttps://skagitfarmtopint.com. You, the craft beer supporter and participant, can purchase a ticket, which includes the FEST GUIDE. The guide has a stamp area for each of the Skagit Breweries where you will receive a Sample Beer made with Skagit Valley Malt and a paired bite which will include a local ingredient.

Beyond that, I am really excited about all of the new products we will be able to offer from Water Tank Bakery.

This is one of them:

Pain d’epi (wheat stalk demi baguette) $4

Formed in the shape of a wheat stalk, this novelty baguette delights bread enthusiasts with its beautiful form and delivers on the hard crust and chewy crumb of a classic French style sourdough baguette. Ingredients: Type 65 bread flour, water, sourdough starter, salt  8oz. ea

I am incredibly grateful for all the community encouragement over the last year! Your support has given me the momentum and courage to go forward with this business.

Cheers~ Rachael



Happy sunny breath-of-Spring day. Thank you everyone who came out to Gilkey Square last Friday. I really enjoyed getting the chance to chat with you all. It warms my heart to be able to create food that makes people happy. It is back to the basics; good bread and good people.

As you probably have heard, I will be opening a much bigger bakery soon! I have decided to call it:

Water Tank Bakery

located at 11777 Water Tank Rd. Unit C. Burlington WA, 98233.

Don't worry, I will be keeping the same products you know and love. I will also be providing the same pick-up options....and more. Greater production capacity opens the door to expand my offerings and availability. I am currently in the process of product development, so if you have any special requests I am all ears!

The last days for pick-up before the move will be March 26-27th. I will be closed for the month of April, as I transition to my new space.

I expect to open sometime between May 1st and June 1st. Here are some photos of the bakery construction progress and (Yes!) Water Tank Bakery will be offering sliced bread.

Thanks for your support through this exciting adventure!